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Fast-track your career with a fully funded master’s*

Friday 5th March, 2021

13:00 GMT

Webinar overview

Back in July, we launched our Fast-Track your Career Promise* – offering a fully-funded online master’s degree to every Arden student who graduates with an undergraduate degree at Arden.

The initiative was launched in support of our students impacted by the pandemic, and who will be negotiating a difficult post-COVID-19 jobs market. The offer means that you can continue onto your postgraduate master’s degree at Arden, with no tuitions fees, after successful completion of your bachelor studies..

Join us for the session to find out more!.

An introduction to Suzie Mitchell: I’ve worked in Higher Education with a focus on student support, student experience and overarching student services for approx. 17 years now and have been with Arden specifically for over 2 years. Needless to say, supporting and enhancing the student experience is a particular passion of mine! I thoroughly enjoy, meeting, helping, supporting and getting to know our students and understanding how we can best support individuals to be as successful as they possibly can….and a bit more.

*you can view the full Ts&Cs for the fast track scheme here:

Your questions answered

Find out everything you need to know about studying with Arden University. We’ll be discussing:

Why do a Master's degree

How can a Master's degree help me?

Arden's Fast-track your career with a fully funded master's initiative

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